How does it work?




In contrast to the traditional ordering a`la Carte, "ALL YOU CAN EAT" catering system offers a certain amount with a wide variety of different dishes, a variety of gourmet bite to dazzle the guests.

Order from the seat

As a unique way, guests are using their very own phone to order dishes through a website, which is reached by a QR code, service is completely table service.

The maximum period for the all-you-can-eat and drink is 2,5 hrs.

During this time, the guests are allowed to try every single dish available on the ordering site or the printed menu. The only exception is the Sashimi category. Dishes presented there are not included in the all-you-can-eat option, but are offered on a discounted price compared to the a'la carte option. The printed menu offers a "Dinner only" tab which is part of the bigger AYCE option, generally not available during the lunch period (11:30-16:00) however it can be requested all day for the respective prices.

The system is designed to place the orders in rounds. In one round one person can order 5 portions of dishes maximum, and this is multiplied by the number of guests attending at the table. Orders can be placed 5 minutes apart. After submitting the order, the "make order button" changes to a timer counting down to zero. As soon as the 5 minutes passes, the system opens up and new orders can be made.

The dishes are as one portion as it is presented on the pictures on the menu. Dishes, where the size is not obvious, are served in small tasting portions in order to allow our guests to try as many dishes as they please.

The ice-creams and the drinks are not listed on the ordering site, those have to be asked from the waiting staff. Every drink listed on the back of the menu, in the yellow highlited area are included in the price and can be consumed without any limit.

Please be advised that since alcoholic beverages are also part of the deal, we have the right to refuse serving those guests who are showing clear signs of intoxication.