Discount prices in 2015

Discount prices in 2015

Discount prices 

The ITOSHII Budapest Restaurants "ALL YOU CAN EAT" our service from 1 January 2015 until further discount of charge.

What is an "ALL YOU CAN EAT" service?

In contrast to the traditional ordering called "a`la Charte",  the "ALL YOU CAN EAT" catering system is that a certain amount with a wide variety of different dishes, a variety of gourmet bite dazzle your guests.

What does this mean in reality?

You and your guests two and a half hours at the disposal of the nearly 120 varieties of food and drink indefinitely.

Special prices for this period:


Monday and Tuesday: 5 480 Ft /person
Wednesday to Thursday: 5 980 Ft /person
Friday to Sunday:   7 280 Ft /person


Monday and Tuesday: 6 980 Ft /person
Wednesday to Sunday: 7 280 Ft /person
MAIL for Child (3-10 years) : 
any period   3 500 Ft /person
Feast Day:  7 280 Ft /person


Special actions

Monday and Tuesday:

Launch:                          5 480 Ft /Person instead of 5 980 Ft/ person
Dinner:                           6 780 Ft /Person instead of 7 280 Ft/ person